Fun for all ages to be had on the Blue Marble Activities Green!  

These and more will be found at the festival – most of which will be included in your entry fee!

Pledge Tree – make your pledge to our Earth – what can you commit to do or not do to save or make better our planet


Butterflies – create your own coffee filter friend to celebrate these wonderful creatures.  Your completed butterfly will be on a stick…perfect for use in the Butterfly Parade at 4:30.


Bubble Bonanza – who doesn’t love making those wonders of rainbow beauty float through the air.

Plant Milkweed Seeds – Using recycled egg carton cups, plant some seeds to tend at home as they sprout, then plant in your yard to offer a feast for our Monarchs.

Don’t forget your Crown of Grass for the Butterfly Parade – create and decorate with bugs and butterflies

Egg Carton Caterpillars –  Transform recycled egg carton cups into the Butterfly’s alter ego!

Face Painting – you don’t have to be a little human to enjoy some body art!



Birdseed Bins – kids can frolic in the seed for hours


STEM Activities: Peg Board Marble Run and Catapults – STEM fun for everyone

And just PLAY, PLAY, PLAY  with our Giant Lawn Games: Jenga, Connect 4, Kerplunk or Corn Hole  and of course, climb on our Rock Wall or Smash and Dash Bungee Run! (these 2 activities have a small fee of $2 or 2 Event tickets)